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Mae Young Classic competitor Jazzy Gabert says WWE offered her a contract following the inaugural tournament, but it was rescinded after an injury was discovered...

All finesses are equal — in that, in the absence of information to the contrary, they all have a theoretical 50 percent chance of success — but some are more ...

Did Lorne give you any advice when you left the show?
Not really advice as much as just like… you know, you have your talk with Lorne when you’re leaving, and you think about it for years [beforehand]. Like, what am I going to do in that meeting where I have to tell him I’m going? Or, really, ask his permission to leave. [ Laughs ] It went a thousand times better than I thought it was going to go. I had built it up so much in my mind. He’s one of those people where you’re afraid to talk to him and then you do and you realize he’s just a really, really, funny, nice, brilliant man. He said the five things I’ve always wanted to hear him say and it was perfect. It was a perfect meeting.

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Bobby Michaels - I Have A ReasonBobby Michaels - I Have A ReasonBobby Michaels - I Have A ReasonBobby Michaels - I Have A Reason