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You’d think he’d learn. But this year he seizes upon a far-fetched chance to finally turn the tables on his nemeses; chancing to see a TV suntan lotion commercial starring hunky former classmate Oliver Lawless ( James Marsden ), Dan figures that, if he can deliver this “star” to the reunion, he himself will at long last also become cool in the eyes of those who have so long disdained him.

The D Train stars Jack Black in a terrific, rangy performance as Dan Landsman, a loser who's spent his life resenting not being cool. Dan has a decent job at a Pittsburgh consulting run by a kindly, retro boss (the great Jeffrey Tambor), plus a wife (the reliably wonderful Kathryn Hahn) and two kids who love him and tolerate his controlling tendencies. Emotionally, though, Dan has never left high school, a place where the cool kids avoided him like an STD. But now Dan thinks he's found his moment. As the self-appointed chairman of his 20th high school, reunion committee, Dan can make a name for himself. How? By  going to Los Angeles and persuading Oliver Lawless (James Marsden),the coolest kid in class and now a studly Hollywood actor, to come home for the reunion and let Dan bask in his reflected glory. Of course, Oliver is hardly tinsel-town  royalty. His biggest claim to fame is a Banana Boat sun lotion commercial.

This . soul group was formed in a Brooklyn, New York high school in the early 80's by: James 'D Train' Williams (lead vocals) and Hubert Eaves III (keyboards, bass, drums and arrangements) Attending High School in Brooklyn, New York, the pair began recording at the start of the Eighties. D-Train earned their nickname from James Williams defensive tactics in the division and city championship football team. James was a recognised member of the Erasmus High School Choral Club… read more

D-Train* D-Train* D-Train* D-Train*